Monday, May 26, 2008

Block 5 Bistro

Spur of the moment Sunday Night my Wife and I went to Block 5 Bistro in Downtown Worcester for Dessert. We arrived around 8PM, and there were only about 3 other parties dining at that time.

Appearance: Set on Greenwood St in Downtown Worcester, the appearance of the building was nice, and there was a small parking lot off to the side of the restaurant. There dining area was a small area of tables and booths, all with little candles lit on them. There were really cool photo's of downtown Worcester, and paintings on the walls. My wife did not like that all the tables had the silverware already set on them. The Lounge was just as big as the dining area, and looked like it could be a hopping place complete with leather sofa's in it.

Food: My wife had the Creme Brulee(7), and a coffee(3), and I had Molten Chocolate Spring Rolls(8), and a soda(1.75). The Creme Brulee though good, was not the best we had ever had, it was served in to deep of a dish, and did not have enough crispy topping for or liking, and the coffee was served in a French Press, and was very good. The Chocolate Spring rolls were stuffed with warm chocolate, just oozing out of them, and were served with White Chocolate Mousse, Ginger Strawberry Dipping Sauce, and Kahlua Carmel Cream. Defiantly one of the best desserts I have ever had.

Value: Slightly pricey, but well worth it. Portions were good sized, and different then the usual pub desserts. We left for $23 for dessert and tip.

Service: Greeted, and seated quickly by a pleasant hostess. The waiter was nice, our drinks and dessert were served in a timely fashion.

Though we only had dessert, I glanced though the dinner menu, and am really excited to go back for dinner some time soon. I really want to try the Chipolte Cheese Fondue appetizer. I would defiantly recommend the Block 5 Bistro

Block 5 Bistro
139 Green St
Worcester, MA

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