Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6th Annual Taste Of Shrewsbury Street

So Tonight I went to the 6th Annual Taste of Shrewsbury Street with my Wife, and Brother. The price for a pin to participate was $25 in advance, or $30 the night of the event, with the proceeds benefit the nonprofit Champion for Children designee YouthGROW and the nonprofit SSAMS.

For Entertainment there was a celebrity dunk tank, belly dancing sponsored by Morocco Restaurant, Italian Serenaders , horse and buggy rides, Trolley rides, and live music.

So on with the Food. There where around 40 participating restaurants, and we tried a many as our stomach's could handle.
  • Zia Grill / Scano's Restaurant - Sliced fruits and Antipasto Skewers
  • Juniors Pizza Grille - About 10 kinds of pizza(Pickle, chicken Cesar, cheese, pesto chicken, BLT, and roasted red pepper were some of the choices) sesame and Thai wings, and a chipolte corn chowder
  • Flying Rhino Cafe - Mahi slider, and Broccoli slaw
  • Zipango Sushi Bar - We skipped as none of us liked sushi
  • Jeff's Martini Bar - Mai Thia's
  • Polar Beverages - Fruit appeals soda
  • Morocco - Hummus, Tabouli, an Baba Ghanoui with Pita bread, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Kibba Balls, and baked Kibba
  • Mez Cal - We checked back many times but could not bring our selves to wait in there line, it was defiantly the longest line of the night.
  • Porta Bello - Antipasto Salad with raisins
  • Cafe Dolce - Strawberry, chocolate chip, and chocolate hazelnut Gelato
  • Parkway Diner - Minestrone Soup, Pasta with Broccoli in garlic sauce, ziti, and meatballs
  • Pampas Churrascria - Brazilian soda flavored from berry of the Amazon and Chili
  • Miranda Bread - Brazilian soda, Italian bread, ground lamb, pastry stuffed with ground beef, chicken balls, lemon bread chocolate candy.
  • Brew City - Pulled pork on op of corn bread and miller chill beer
  • Allgos - Peanut butter truffle cake, carrot cake, and Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Lemonade Beer
  • Tribeca - Pasta with Chicken and Cheese
  • Via Italian Table - Gelato on a cone
  • 111 Chop House - Schezwaun Chicken wing
  • Ralph's Tavern - Horrible Rice with chicken and broccoli
  • Wonder Bar - They were out of food when we got there, but they had pizza
  • East Side Discount Liquors - They were listed as participating, but had up signs that they were not.
  • Boulevard Diner - Ziti with meatball and ziti
  • Piccollos - Pasta in a creamy red sauce
  • La Scala - Ran out of food
  • Macs Diner - Beef Barley Soup and Tortellini with peas
  • Starbucks - Berry iced Tea and Iced Coffee
  • Corel Seafood - Scallops in tortellini, and crab cakes with artichoke dip
  • Red Lantern - Crab Rangoons
  • Subway - Iced cold BBQ beef, and veggie burger subs
  • D & D - Iced lemonade, orange, and strawberry coolatas
  • Surya Indian Cuisine - Chicken Marsala in a red curry sauce, bread, and mango or strawberry yogurt drinks
  • Funky Murphy's - Shepard pie, pasta, and buffalo wings
  • Sweet - Chocolate cake, cannolis, and cotton candy
  • Tammy Barber Shop - Lemonade, and freeze pops

We did not make it to Dante's Restaurant, McDonald's, Piccadilly Pub, Victory Cigar, Leo's Ristorante, or KJ Baarons Fine Wine as most of these are just to separated from he other restaurants, and we were just to full to walk any further. This was our second year, and I would say Last years was better selections of food, but I ended up just as full. A great way to try all the restaurants on Shrewsbury St. Hope to see some of you there next year.

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