Monday, June 30, 2008

Junior's Pizza Grille

Decided to head out to Shrewsbury St Friday night for dinner with the Family. So many places to choose from, except MezCal as they had lost power. We decided to eat at Junior's. We got there around 6 PM, and there was no wait.

Appearance: Junior's is a old garage converted into a small restaurant, and on most nights, the garage doors are open to an outside patio, which is where we decided to sit. They have a small bar in one corner, and a couple of big screen TV's with Sporting events on.

Food: The menu consists of some appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, a few dinner selections, and a long list of Pizza's. Having tries the pizza earlier in the week at the Taste of Shrewsbury st, I decided to go for the Fried Egg Burger with Sweet Potato Fries (8.95, Plus 1.50 extra for Sweet Potato Fries). My burger was cooked medium, and topped with fried egg, cheese, and bacon, and was served with regular fires, which the waitress apologized for before I even noticed, and quickly got me my sweet potato fries. I polished off the whole thing. My wife went for the Chicken Broccoli with Penne(13.95) in a white wine, olive oil, and garlic sauce, tossed with cheese, and tomatoes. She thought it was a little rich, but I thought it was the best I have ever had. My son chose the chicken fingers, and fries with BBQ sauce (5.95).

Value: The servings are very good sized for the price, and our meal came to around $33 with beverages. Most Pizza's on the menu were around $16 each.

Service: The service was great. We were seated immediately, Our waitress was very pleasant, and attentive. The only error was the wrong fries were served, but it was resolved in minutes, and they were supper hot.

I ate here a few years ago, and tried it again on the Taste of Shrewsbury St this year is what prompted me to come back, and I will defiantly be dining here again soon. Hope some of you give Junior's a shot, and share your stories with us.

Junior's Pizza Grille
346 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, MA 01604

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