Monday, June 2, 2008

Rick's Cafe

Saturday afternoon I had Lunch with my Wife, Mother, and Son at Rick's Cafe in Randolph MA after shopping at IKEA. We arrived around 12:30, and were quickly seated.

Appearance: The building had the look of a Auto Garage as you entered with big wrenches as the door handles. But once we were seated, it just had the feel of any other pub. The dining area was food sized, and mixed with tables, and booths. I did not see a bar or lounge area, but I would guess they had one as the wait staff had shirts that said Martini Bar on the back of them.

Food: The food was very good. My Wife, Mom, and Son decided on sharing some appetizers for lunch, and they ordered the Loaded potato skins (7.95), and the Onion Rings with house dipping sauce (4.95), and Chicken Fingers (7.95). I went with the Philly Style Steak and Cheese Sub (7.95). For Drinks, my Mom just had water, my Son had chocolate milk, and both my Wife and I had ordered soda's, but she sent hers back for being flat, and got a pink lemonade instead which she was quit happy with. On the skins, you had your choice of Broccoli n Cheese, Bacon n Cheese, or Mexican Meat n Cheese. They chose the Bacon n Cheese, and were served a plate with 6 of the biggest skins we had ever seen, they were definitely home made. The Onion rings were flaky and excellent, served with a spicy dipping sauce, and the chicken fingers looked as though they sat in the deep fryer a few minutes to long, and were served with a honey mustard dipping sauce. My Philly Sub was small but tasty, and was served with crinkle fries, and pickle slices.

Value: The prices were average, for the Appetizers, and Lunch menu, but looked to be a bit pricey on the dinner menu with salads starting around $5, and meals starting around $16. The portion size's were on the average side, but were definitely fresh made, not frozen. We left for around $35 with tip.

I would say a great place for Lunch or Apps before a movie, which they sell discounted ticket for the theater next door, but I would probably look around if it was for dinner.

Rick's Cafe
63 Mazzeo Dr
Randolph, MA 02368

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