Monday, July 7, 2008

The Edge

Thursday evening, we were all packed up, and ready to head to the Cape for the weekend. All we needed before we left was a quick bite to eat. So we decided to try the Edge Hot dogs, the home of the old Edgemere Diner on RT 20 in Shrewsbury. We arrived around 5PM, and there were only a few other people there.

Appearance: It is the old Edgemere Diner, cleaned up. There are bar stools, and a few booths inside, and a couple of picnic tables with umbrella's outside. Looks like any ordinary diner.

Food: The menu consists of Hot Dogs (Natural Casings, Skinless Skinnies, and All Beef Jumbo Dogs), Bratwurst, Sausages, and Chicken Sausages. They have many signature dogs to choose from, or pick your favorite toppings. They make some of their own topping, like Sweet Cucumber Relish, Pineapple Relish, BBQ beef sauce, and Chili. For drinks, and sides they don't have much yet, a few kinds of chips, and a cooler with few choices for drinks. They also serve Ice Cream. My wife went with 2 of their Works dogs (1.75 each) which was mustard, onions, and sweet cucumber relish, I had the Salsa Dog (1.75), and a Chicken apple sausage with pineapple relish(4.75), and my son just had a dog with ketchup(1.75). It was all excellent, and we liked the Cucumber relish so much that we stopped back on the way home from the Cape, and bought a container of it for $4 to bring to a cookout.

Value: Average prices for dogs and sausages. Added bonus that all the sauces and relishes are home made, you don't get that at a lot of places anymore. We had the 4 dogs, 1 sausage, 2 small bags of chips, 2 soda's and a milk for $17.

Service: I believe that is was the 2 owners there taking the orders, and making the dogs. They were very pleasant, and the order came up in a speedy fashion.

A great place on a hot summer day to grab a quick bite to eat. We will stop back for an ice cream some night to see how that is. An the Cucumber Relish that we brought to a cookout went over great.

The Edge
51 Hartford Turnpike (RT 20)
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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