Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazio Italian Grill

I found Lazio's through WXLO's Feed me Fridays website, and bought a gift $50 certificate though them for $25. After mentioning it to a friend from work, he also purchased a certificate, and we set a night to give it a shot. On a side note, my friends wife accidentally threw away their certificate. So Saturday night we got sitters for the kids, and met at Lazio's for 6PM. Absolutely no wait, there were only a couple of tables filled.

Appearance: The place looks really nice. A patio outside that you have to walk though to get into the restaurant didn't seem like a good idea to me. The tables all set, an the lighting was dim. Every table in the restaurant can see the open kitchen.

Food: Our waitress served, or should I say spilled water while taking our drink orders 3 sodas, and I had a Magic Hat Draft. Once drinks were served, we placed our appetizer order. We chose the pick 3 sampler, and went with Brushetta, calamari, and toasted ravioli's ($14). Very disappointed with the size of this sampler, 2 small pieces of brushetta, 3 ravioli's, and a pile of calamari that didn't look appetizing as they serve the little rings, and the tentacles. My wife actually said that looks disgusting. It was OK, but not worth $14. For meals My wife ordered the Tuscan tips with mashed potatoes, and asparagus($19), my Friend had the mixed grill ofTuscan tips, chicken, and sausage with potato lasagna and asparagus($19) and added a Cesar salad($2), his wife went with the chicken Parm ($18), and I ordered the Veal Saltimbocca ($20) and added a house salad($2). When the salads were presented my first thought was I paid $2 for this, but it was actually pretty good, they were just very small. Then came the main course. The chicken parm was the only meal that looked worth the money form the presentation point of view. While eating our meals, my friend noticed a HAIR on his potatoes. He did not want to send it back as you never not what you will get in the second shot even being able to see the kitchen. But this got us all looking, and his wife noticed MULTIPLE HAIRS on her Chicken Parm. OK now we have to say something, and or course can not find our waitress, so I flag down the first person we see. I say that there is hairs on both of their plates, and she grabs their plates and heads to the kitchen. Quickly our waitress is back apologizing asking if they want their dishes remade, or want to order something else which they passed on. Shortly after the manager stops by our table also apologizing an saying the whole meal is on the house, and to order dessert or drinks if they would like to. A few minutes later our waitress is back gain also saying the whole meal for everyone is free, and hands my friends a $100 gift card in hopes they will return to give the place another shot. They believed it to be that they recently switched to a new linen company, and that they wipe the plates before serving. MAYBE!!! who knows. Also my veal was tasteless, and my wife's tips were dry, besides the fact we didn't even want to eat at that point.

Value: I think I already covered this, but way over priced.

Service: Besides spilling water, our waitress was OK. Everyone went out of there way to make things right in the end.

So now I still have $50, and our friends now have $100 to a place neither of us are really sure we would go back to. Maybe Pizza and beers will be how we spend our money..

Lazio Italian Grill
318 Main St
Northboro, MA 01532

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What was the hair special....blonde ,brunette, or red head?