Monday, July 7, 2008

Sandi's Diner

On our way home from Cape Cod we looked for a place to grab breakfast, and we found Sandi's Diner in Chatham. A Small family run diner right on main st. The place was very busy, we got lucky and found a table right away, after that there was a line waiting.

Appearance: A restaurant style diner, filled with booths, tables, and bar stools. You can see the food being cooked on the grill while you wait. The tables were crowded with your salt, pepper, sugar, creams, maple syrup, ketchup, etc...

Food: Sandi's only serves Breakfast, and Lunch, and the menu is very short. My son had the Sand Dollar Pancakes (3.00), my wife ordered Stuffed French Toast(6.95) off the special board, and I went with the Ultimate Omelet(7.50). The sand dollars were very dry pancakes, the french toast, stuffed with cream cheese and covered in strawberry's was very good, and the Ultimate omelet was stuffed with steak, onions, and cheese, and served with toast. I was very disappointed that the omelet did not come with home fries, and our bottomless coffees, defiantly had bottoms, as they never got refilled.

Value: Our meal with drinks, came to around $23 for breakfast. I thought it was a bit on the pricey side. All omelet's were 7.50, and only came with toast, would have been around $10 with home fries.

Service: The waitress, I believe the owner, was very overwhelmed it seemed. It tool quite a while for our food to come up, and as I said our coffee's were never refilled.

I must say I would look around for some place different next time. But feel free to give it a hot if it's all you can find. The food was good.

Sandi's Diner
639 Main St
Chatham, MA 2633

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