Friday, August 22, 2008


So Saturday Night we had some friends over, and ordered some Chinese Food. We decided to stray form our norm (Food Works) and try Chopsticks. We ordered the food to go, and enjoyed it at my house, with some drinks and cards after.

Appearance: This one is tough for me as we did take out, and I was not the one who went to pick up the food. Maybe some day I will eat there to see what the place looks like inside.

Food: They have a very large assortment of Chinese food to choose from. We went with our normal, a Pu Pu Platter, Pork Fried Rice, Beef Lo Mein, and Peking Ravioli's, and then decided to go out on the limb, and try some things that none of us had ever tried before. These dish's were Beef Szechuan, Hong Shue Chicken, and Ants Climb the Tree. I thought everything was excellent. The egg rolls had ground pork in them, the Peking ravioli's were the best I have had. The Lo Mein was not the best, I thought the noodles were to thick. The Szechuan sauce was very spicy, and the Hong Shue Chicken was chicken fingers with a vegetable gravy over them. As for the Ants Climb the tree, it was Chinese Bean Thread with ground pork in a spicy sauce, it was a 50/50 split. Half of us liked it, half did not, I thought it was great.

Value: I didn't think it was bad priced. We spent just over $90 for everything, so it was just $45 per couple. There was defiantly plenty of food. We ate it for days after. So many days, that it will be a while until I am craving Chinese again.

Service: The lady on the phone was very helpful in explaining the different dishes to me. Other then that, the two girls that picked up and delivered diner, and ate it with us were quite pleasant.

I would order form Chopsticks Again. I can't believe i haven't more often with it being so close to home.

1083 Main St
Worcester, MA 01603

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