Sunday, October 5, 2008

Phantom Food Festival

Well I have been buy, and haven't posted in a while, so I will try o catch up today. A few weeks ago mt Wife and I checked out the Phantom Food Festival for the first time. For those that don't know, it is the largest food festival in our area, hosted by the Phantom Gourmet. It is located in the Fenway area of Boston surrounding Fenway Park. There are 80 restaurants participating giving samples of their food, and multiple bars open with entertainment. The samples were much larger then I expected, we had to share most of them to save room, and try as many places as we could. As for the crowds, we got there right when it started, and it wasn't bad, but after the first hour it got pretty crowded. The only thing not included was drinks, but they had vendors set up on the streets selling beers, and soda.

It was really cool seeing the Bleacher Bar which is the only bar with a view in the stadium. During games they make people rotate so everyone can get a piece of the action.

We were so full and we only made it to about half of the places, but here is some of what we tried.

  • Bawd Dogs - Texas Ranger Dog (BBQ, Bacon, and cheese on a sub roll) The best Dog I ever had
  • Julio's Liquors - Free Bottles of Hot sauce
  • Boloco - Summer Burrito (Black beans, Cheese, mango salsa and rice) Very good
  • Kowloon - Famous Saugas Wing - Not all I thought they would be
  • Cape Cod Chips - Free bags of Chips
  • Lilly's Gourmet Pasta - They Had different Raviolis, I had Lobster and it was amazing
  • Captain Eli - Root beer
  • Carl's Steak Subs - These are the best Steak subs ever
  • New Bridge Cafe - Awesome Steak Tips
  • Chicken Bone - Buffalo Wing that made me Break a sweat
  • Comella's - The Mess ( a mix match of pasta)
  • Palumbos Kettle Corn - Kettle corn
  • Panera Bread - Broccoli Cheese Soup in a bread bowl, Cinnamon twist bagels, cookies, and sandwiches.
  • Edible Arrangement - Chocolate dipped Strawberries, Banana's, and apples. We went back here a few times
  • Pure Chocolate - P2C2 - Oh my god, you have to try this
  • Exchange ST Bistro - Spring rolls - The only thing of the day I didn't like
  • Red Bones - Pulled Pork Sliders with your choice of mild, hot, or sweet sauce
  • Fire and Ice - Fajitas
  • Fire Flys - Ribs
  • Fuddruckers - Burger sliders
  • Halfway Cafe - Turkey Tips - I am contemplating going to get these
  • Wholly Cannoli - Dynamite sticks - These things are the best
  • Harrows Chicken Pie - The best chicken pot pie I have ever had
  • Wicked Whoopies - Multiple kinds of whoppie pies
  • Yummies - Candy Necklaces

This was not nearly everything, Just what I remember. Well worth the $40 a person I thought.

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