Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last Night I was in the mood to try a new place for dinner, so we went to Roma's in the canal district of Worcester

Appearance: Very small Italian restaurant with only about 4 parking spots in the lot, but plenty of on street parking. The Kitchen was an open kitchen so you could see them toss the pizza, and cook your entrees. The dining area was full of tables, no booths. Light background music set the mood.

Food: Not a huge choice, but everything sounded good to me. My Son had a plain pizza ($10) as they did not have a kids menu, but it was an excellent pizza. My wife chose the Pasta Primavera ($14) and man was it good. Pasta smothered in a garlic wine sauce and filled with vegetables. I went with the Mixed grill ($16) a large steak tip, a pork medallion, and a lamb chop served over roasted peppers, and had pasta with sauce, and crispy onion straws on the side. I was a little surprised that our soda's were served in cans with glasses on the side, but I then realized it was a BYOB. I also learned after that they have bread with a dipping oil if you ask.

Value: I was happy with the prices. We had an excellent dinner for under $50. The BYOB really helps keep the diner price down. Pizza prices were about the same as a Papa Ginos, but far superior in taste.

Service: Our waitress was very pleasant, and the owners were walking the restaurant asking how your meals were. My son dropped his fork and they got to it before I could, and replaced it with a clean one. The only thing that disappointed me is that our meal were served one at a time, and not all together.

Overall, another excellent local restaurant. I can't wait to go back with Friends, and bring some wine or some thing this time.

192 Harding Street
Worcester MA 01604

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