Monday, December 1, 2008

Fire + Ice

So it has been a while since I had time to post so I will try to get caught up today. About a month ago my Wife and I headed to Providence RI for Brunch at Fire + Ice, and then to browse the Providence Place Mall.

Appearance: Fire + Ice is set outside the Providence Place Mall right near the water. You walk in to a small Bar area and Hostess booth. The dining area is fairly large, loaded with booths and tables, and the buffet stations are behind the large round open cook top.

Food: Having been to Fire + Ice for dinner before, we were very interested how Brunch would be different. They had all the same salads, cold pasta's and raw vegetables and meats, and the same sauce station with 12 different sauces. The difference was the fresh pastries, and the home fries and bacon and sausage at the grill. We started off with Omelets with all the toppings of our choices, and they were the the best omelet I ever had. We followed that up with a Strawberry, banana, and chocolate chip pancake the size of a hubcap with some home fries, also excellent. For the third trip up we made stir Fry's, and they offered us rice and tortilla shells to go with them. At this point I was to full to get the burger or steak and cheese sub that I really wanted.

Value: At 14.95 a person for all you can eat Brunch, I say you can't go wrong. The only thing that would make it better is if the coffee and juice were included.

Service: Service was great. We were quickly seated by the hostess, the our waitress offered to explain how everything worked, and took drink orders. The grill cooks were very personable, and plates were quickly cleared after each helping.

A definite Must try if you have never been.

Fire + Ice
48 Providence Place
Providence, RI 02903

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