Monday, December 1, 2008

Muncheez Pizzeria

So a couple of weeks ago I got a menu to a new Pizza place in my mailbox, and after looking it over, decided I must try Muncheez Pizzeria. So My parents came over on a Friday night, and we ordered.

Appearance: Just a Small hole in the wall place on Pleasant St in Worcester, we drove right by without even noticing it on the way to pick up the order. Inside has 2 tables to sit at, so it is geared mostly to take out. The glass counter was full of great looking Stromboli's, pizza, and calzone's for those in a hurry.

Food: The menu has a large array of off the wall pizza, and sandwich's. My wife had the Cowboy Pizza, Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato slices, ranch dressing & mozzarella, and it was amazing. My son had an average plain pizza. Mom went with a steak and cheese sub, very good, and Dad tried the Late Night sub, Sausage with peppers & onions and cheese, and he enjoyed it, but said the sausage could have had more kick. I tried the Famous Donut Burger, donut-bun burger grilled to perfection and topped with bacon & cheese, it was OK they forgot the cheese did not help it any. It was dessert that was the hit of the night for me. We tried the Deep fried Twix bar which was good, but we also tried the Honey Nut Bites, Peanut butter & sliced bananas. Drizzled with honey! True dessert pizza bites. it was like heaven the pizza was fried dough. We also ordered a Meatball Parm Sub for my Brother to have after he got out of work, and To quote him after his fist bite "I just had a food Orgasm"

Value: Average for a pizza joint, ours came to around $45 dollars for 2 pizza's 3 subs, a burger, and 2 desserts.

Service: Well besides forgetting the cheese on the Burger our order was right, and they waited until we got there to deep fry the twix so it would be hot.

If you are looking for a different type of pizza place I would say give Mucheez a shot.

Muncheez Pizzeria
1102 Pleasant St.
Worcester, MA 01602


bill said...

decent food
beware of a $1.00 service fee if you place an order-online
even if you do pick-up

Sumit Ghosh said...

My views are quite opposite to this, this Muncheez Pizzeria is a trash place, the owner some Colonel45 doesn't even now how to treat this staff, forget the customers, the quality of pizza's were trash and they never bothered to even give me addons which I ordered , on top of that the Onwer misbehaved with me.

Avoid this place, if you have some dignity.

baronifer said...

I NEVER comment..however..We had an outstanding experience here.

When we went, they didn't have a greek salad, so they did their best to accomodate our order. Then they said, you should try our breadsticks and threw in some of those for free as well.

The pizza was delish, we got the buffalo chix pizza. The people in there were SO nice and bent over backwards to make sure that we were happy. You don't go into Domino's and get that kind of service. I'm ALL for supporting the "local Mom and Pop".