Friday, January 2, 2009


So last Saturday My wife and I dropped our son at a sitter, and headed out to Long Horns steakhouse to use a Gift Card we received as a Christmas gift. The closest Long Horns is at the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley in Millbury, on Rt 146. As we were entering the shopping plaza, we realized that the whole plaza was without power, and they were evacuating the place. Talk about Mad Crazy. I am not even sure why they were still allowing cars in. But after a quick, illegal u-turn we were quickly out of the chaos. Instead we ended up at Applebees's which we also had a gift card to.

Appearance: Well if you have ever been to an Applebee's, the all look the same. Funky stuff hanging all over the walls. a closed off good sized bar.

Food: First off I really think that Applebees needs to do a huge overhaul of there menu. Nothing really ever looks good to me at Applebee's. My wife ordered the smothered steak tips, which we are still trying to figure out what made them smothered (there was not a pepper, onion, or mushroom on her plate), they were served with almost raw mixed vegetables. I started off with a Woodchuck Hard Cider which was excellent, From there I tried the Chili which was subpar in flavor, For my main course I had the Bourbon Street Steak, with Cajun seasonings and smothered in onions and mushrooms with Broccoli. Well I got mixed vegetables instead, and the steak was just OK.

Value: I would say the prices are average. it was about $40 for our meal, and we have enough left on the gift card to maybe order some wings some night.

Service: Our waitress was a bit on the annoying side. When she asked if we saved room for dessert, and we said no thank you, she proceeded to tell us how good all of the desserts were. I just wanted the bill.

632 Park Ave.
Worcester, MA 01603

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