Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bugaboo Creek Steak House

So on Martin Luther King Jr's Holiday I went to Bugaboo Creek with my Wife, Son and parents to try out their new lunch menu of soup, salads, sandwich and 2 cookies.

Let me just explain our experience rather then write my normal review.

Around 12:20 we were seated at a really nice corner booth in the corner of the restaurant. We were promptly greeted by our waiter, who wished us a happy Labor day! We corrected him, and he joked that he had just woke up. Apparently from a really long nap!!! We placed drink orders, and they arrived with fresh baked bread really quickly. At this point we asked for a few minutes. Waiter not seen again until 12:45, at which time we placed our order's and asked for more drinks and bread. I would say around 1:15 the drinks and bread arrived, and we were told our lunch would be right up. At 1:30 I went and found the only person on the floor, the hostess, and asked if it generally took 45 plus minutes for a lunch off the lunch menu, and was told yes if they are busy, which they were not in my opinion. Anyways, they said the would go look into our meal. Another 10 minutes later we walked out, never seeing the hostess of our waiter again.

I would not recommend Bugaboo Creek to my worst enemy's

Bugaboo Creek
50 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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njerseyhole said...

Grai have been reading alot of "reviews" on Bugaboo Creek. I have to say, I think it just depends on the individual restaurant. I am an aspiring gourmet, and I LOVE Bugaboo Creek. Our family has gone more than a dozen times, and we have never had a bad thing to say about it. We are always greeted with a smile, we never feel like we are rushed out the door. The food is fabulous, and the service is great. I am sorry the one you went to in MA was a bad experience, but if you are ever in Chriatiana, Delaware, give it another try!!