Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Texas Roadhouse

My wife and I were out shopping around for a rug to put in our soon to be daughters room this weekend, and decided to check out the Texas Roadhouse for Lunch.

Appearance: I have never been to a Texas, but I would guess this is what a Texas Restaurant would look like. There is a meat counter when you walk in that you can pick your own steaks if you wish. There is a very good sized bar, and a large dinning area. Lots of Texas style decorations.

Food: when you are seated, you are served fresh hot sweet rolls with cinnamon butter that are unbelievable. There are also peanuts on the tables. I was a little disappointed that they did not have a lunch menu. My wife ordered the Sirloin beef tips, with mashed and a side salad. The salad was very good, topped with eggs, cheese and the other normal stuff, the mashed were a bit dry, and the tips were good, but there were more mushrooms then tips.. I went for the Pulled pork, and ribs combo with chili and a side salad. I expected more of the chili being a BBQ place, and my ribs were over cooked, not falling off the bones by any means. The pulled pork was amazing though.

Value: I thought the prices were a bit on the high side. A T-bone went for $20, but you are paying for the atmosphere I guess. Our meal came to $35 with a tip.

Service: The service was great. The hostess and waitress's both explained how things worked, and were willing to answer any questions. The manager stopped by every table to check and see how things were going. They got it together on the service side of things.

I might be willing to try it again just to pick out my own steak, but for the price, i could make a list of places to get a great steak cheaper.

Texas Roadhouse
535 Lincoln St
Worcester MA 01605

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