Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Halfway Cafe

Yesterday We had the day off to register my Son for Kindergarten, and after that decided to go check out the Halfway Cafe in Marlborough and use the gift card we received for Christmas.

Appearance: The Halfway Cafe is set right on Route 20 in Marlborough. The parking lot is very small, but I guess there is a lower lot behind the building. When you enter, the bar is to the right, and dinning area to the left. Having my son we chose the dining area. There were a couple of TVs on sports channels, and some sporting memorabilia on the natural finished Wayne's Coating walls. The dining area is very small.

Food: The menu consists of your normal bar grub at cheap prices. My son ordered the Grilled cheese and chocolate milk, and said it was good, but how can you screw up grilled cheese. My wife decided on the Philly Cheese steak with hand cut fresh fries, and I must say it was excellent. I started with a side salad, and ordered the Ray's size Steak tips in the house sauce with the hand cut fries, and I was not overly impressed, it was just OK.

Value: The value is exceptional!! The Lunch specials started at 4.99, and they have the monthly 7 for $7 specials, which is 7 things for $7 each. Our lunch came to $30

Service: I have to say the place was not very busy when we were there, and it was very pokey. It must really be slow for dinner. Our waitress was nice, but I thought it was wrong that she asked if I wanted the side salad with my tips, and then charged me extra for it. I thought it came with it the way she asked.

I can't say the Halfway Cafe was the best place around, but definatley a good place for a cheap lunch.

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