Friday, March 20, 2009

3 Restaurant

Last Saturday a group of 10 of us went out to celebrate my 31st Birthday. After the big mix up of where we were going (anywhere from Boston to Duluth GA) LOL!! We ended up at 3 Restaurant, part of Sky Restaurants, in Franklin MA

Appearance: Wish I had my rating system figured out on this one, because 3 defiantly would have scored a 10 on appearance. Everything from atmosphere to presentation was excellent. You walk in to the hostess booth, and there is a small dining area to the right, and a Nice Bar to the left. We were seated on the 2nd fl, which is where they seat their larger parties.

Food: Unfortunately the food can only be rated a 3 overall. We ordered a lot, so here we go. For Appetizers we ordered Shrimp Cocktail, Nachos, Asian Lettuce Wraps, Caribbean Chicken Tenders, and Beef Carpaccio. They were all good, I would say the Asian Wraps were the best, and the Beef Carpaccio was the most disappointing.

For our Soups and Salads, we had a French Onion soup that was so so, a Clam chowder the was just OK, and a Iceberg Wedge Salad that had the worst blue cheese dressing ever.

Now onto the main course. We had BBQ ribs with onion rings and cornbread (Ribs were dry, but Onion rings were good), Chicken Marsala with Risotto (Very Good), Stuffed Veal with Mashed and Broccoli (Also Very good), Seafood Casserole (Sent back it was so bad), Fillet steak with mashed (Good), Swordfish with Risotto (Very Dry), Prosciutto wrapped Pork with Polenta ( Pork was OK, menu did not say served with Polenta), and a Stuffed pork special (Nothing special).

For dessert they brought me a big piece of Chocolate cake with a candle, but did not sing or anything. We also got Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Creme Brulee which were both good

Value: Ouch!! This is where it really hurt the wallet. For the not so great food, we rang up a bill of $500 with tip for the night. The 10 shrimp cocktails were $27.50, and the Beef Carpachio was $10 and barely served one person.

Service: I really can't complain about the service, as we had our own private waitress for the night. She was a bit shy at first, but opened up some by the end of our 3 hours

I can't say I would recommend 3 Restaurant to all my friends, but I will go back because they signed us up for their rewards program, and I have a card with 25 dollars on it for the next time

3 Restaurant
461 W Central St
Franklin, MA 02038

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Nikki said...

I guess you didn't know 3 was going to be upscale - couldn't help but notice you took away points because they didn't sing to you, and you were suprised by $500 for 10 people? If you wanted Applebee's, there's one down the street. And in any event, you're lucky they could even accommodate you - no reservations on a Saturday night!!

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