Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tonight is the Big night!!

Thank you all that voted. The vote was in, and Rock Bottom won!!! But things all kinda went down hill on the planning aspect of the night. My wife called Rock Bottom last night to make the reservations, and we could not get in until after 9PM. You would think not a problem, but she is due with our second child in 2 weeks. So I had her call the runner up, Metro 9, and we could not get in until 8:30. So I was a little bummed, and put things into the hands of my wife and a friend to find someplace, and they did. We made reservations at Luciano's in Wrentham for 6:30. So thankfully when I got home from work I went onto my wife's laptop to look at the place online, and realized that she made reservations at Luciano's in what at the time I thought was Sugar Loaf Vermont. So From there I had her call the 2nd runner up on the vote, 3 Restaurant in Franklin, and we are going there tonight for 6:15, so stay tuned for the review!!! And as a side note when Luciano's called today to confirm our reservations I realized it was actually in Duluth, GA we had reservations!!

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