Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncle Jay's Twisted Fork

Last weekend, I got up early, and said we might as well go out for Breakfast today. I have really been wanting to try Uncle Jay's Twisted fork. so that is where we headed.

Appearance: Jay's Twisted Fork is located in a small strip mall at the top of Dead Horse Hill. The place is nicely decorated and has a few booths, a bunch of tables and a counter bar to sit at. I really liked that the coffee was served in nice big colored mugs, and not your normal small chipped, used to be white mugs.

Food: Jay's serves Breakfast and lunch everyday, and Dinner on Thursday and Friday nights. On this day we tried breakfast. My son wanted a Waffle with Banana's on it with a chocolate milk. The waffle was very good, and the milk was was fresh from coopers farm. My wife ordered the Banana's Foster French toast (French Toast smothered with banana's caramelized with brown sugar and butter and banana liquor, topped with whipped cream) and it was very good, sweet, but good. I ordered the Italian omelet ( Italian sausage, cappicola ham, onions, tomatoes, and provolone topped with garlic and basil pesto sauce) served with home fries and toast. I must say the best omelet I have ever had out.

Value: I personally believe the value was excellent. Our Breakfast was under $25 dollars, and I left saying I could make this a regular place for breakfast.

Service: I don't think the service could have gotten any better. The waitress was super personable, and one of the other waitress's also stopped by and talked with us.

I am defiantly going back, and I would suggest you try Jay's Twisted Fork too. I want to try the Breakfast Burrito next time.

Uncle Jay's Twisted Fork
509 Stafford ST
Cherry Valley, MA

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'Doza said...

Now I want breakfast. Uncle Jay's fix me up an omelet.