Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Dessert Bar

For dessert on Date night my wife and I went to Sweet in Worcester to check out the dessert bar in the back. We absolutely love Sweet cupcakes, and have been dying to try the dessert bar out.

Appearance: The dessert bar is in the back room of the bakery. There is a large bar to sit at, or couch's and cushion chairs with end table to sit at. everything is done in black, and looks very sharp.

Food: The menu consists of homemade desserts, and drinks. We started off with coffee's, and ordered the homemade donuts. One complaint would be that they have to go up front to the bakery for coffee, making for waitress getting in each others way, going back and forth, and that they did not have enough creamers. we were served our cream in a little tea cup that spilled everywhere when you tried to pour it. At this point we had no napkins. The doughnuts were stuffed with warm (Hot!!!) chocolate, and tossed in a brown bag with sugar and server like that. Very Yummy, but very messy, as we got no silverware, and had to ask 3 times before we got 1 napkin to share.

Value: The prices were excellent for very good, homemade desserts.

Service: Well I kinda touched on this above. I was very disappointed with the service that night. I am hoping it was just an off night, and will give it another shot sometime in the near future. I have such high hopes for this place, I hope my next experience is better.

As I said, I am willing to try it again. If you have been for the dessert bar, let me know how your experience was.

305 Shrewsbury Street Worcester
Massachusetts 01604

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