Friday, August 7, 2009

Flying Rhino Cafe & Watering Hole

Last night my wife and I got together with some friends to go out and experience a new Restaurant during Worcester's Restaurant week. We wanted to try someplace we would not usually go as this would be a good opportunity to try a 3 course meal for the reasonable price of $20.09. we decided on the Flying Rhino Cafe & Watering Hole.

Appearance: Flying Rhino Cafe & Watering Hole is located on busy Shrewsbury St. They have outside seating both on the sidewalk, and they have a good sized deck. Inside is a small cafe looking restaurant with a large handful of booths and tables.

Food: No complaints in the food department, except the wait and there was a tiny loaf of bread sliced into 3 pieces for a party of 4. I would say there was about 30 minutes between appetizers, and the main course. 3 of us ordered off the Pre Fixed Menu for Worcester's Restaurant Week. We all had different appetizers. The girls tried the Cucumber, Tomato and Feta salad, and the Crab Ragoons. I went with the beef and Mushroom Barley. We also ordered an order of Thai Chicken Lettuce wraps, and pot stickers. I would say all appetizers were very good. for the main course, both girls got the Chicken Charmondy dish, and I tried the Prime rib. My friend ordered off the regular menu and choose the Everything Tuna. Once again all very good. For desserts, we had the White Chocolate Croissant pudding, and the Fried dough, and had no complaints. I will get into the drinks during the service part of my review.

Value: The pre fixed menu was not a bad value at $20.09 for the 3 courses, and the portion sizes were bigger then I had expected. I would stay away form mixed drinks here as a sangria cost $9. Beers were about average priced. The Tuna steak was about $20, and appetizers ran around $8 each. Our bill came to $132.01 for the 4 of our dinners with drinks.

Service: This is where I was greatly disappointed. Have you ever gone inside to a Dunkin Donuts, and had the one person working the counter, and 6 people working the drive up window? Well that is what it felt like. We sat inside, and watched out waitress service the outside dining area all night. We started the evening by ordering our first round of drinks. Before Appetizers were served we ordered our second beers. While eating our appetizers another tables appetizers were delivered to our table. A few minutes later our waitress showed up with a glass of wine asking who ordered it. I said we ordered Beers, and she said they would be right up. Now we are done our appetizers, and still have not seen out drinks., and our waitress uses the excuse that they had to change the Tap. I might have believed that if she had brought my Buddy's Bud bottle and said that, or if when my beer showed up it had any foam on it. It must have been sitting at the bar for quite some time after it was poured to have no foam left. I am pretty sure that is the last time we saw out waitress again until the bill was brought. Approximately 30 minutes after our appetizer plates were cleared someone brought our main course. By the time we were done the main course we had been there an hour and a half. we wanted to ask for our desserts to go at this point, but that was not an options as we never saw our waitress. Also the menu said coffee was served with dessert, and we were not offered any.

I left exact change $132.01, and wrote on the Bill poor service no tip. How do you call yourself a watering hole, if you can't Even get a beer. I heard from our friends that the waitress was in the parking lot holding a slip in her hand when they drove away. I would hoe it was to apologize!!

I can not say I would recommend Flying Rhino Cafe to any of my friends.

Flying Rhino Cafe & Watering Hole
278 Shrewsbury St.
Worcester, MA 01604

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