Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pure Chocolate

This will be more of a quick write up then a review, but while in Quincy I swung by Pure Chocolate.

I have had this before at the Phantom Gourmet Food festival, and my Neighbor had gotten me some once. I decided to stop by so by Brother could try it, and to bring my Wife home something as she had to work while I was out Gallivanting all day.

It is just a small little place in Quincy not far from Fat Cat, but they have the most amazing Chocolate. They have this thing called P2C2 which is Chocolate with Carmel, Peanuts and Potato Chips. Not sure why, but it is an excellent combination. I also tried Larger Tartarugas (Dark Chocolate, Carmel and Pecans soaked in Sam Adams, and can not even begin to describe how good they were.

A must try if you are ever in the area.

Pure Chocolate
102 Franklin St
Quincy MA 02169

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